Meeting up in Mulbarton

The Mulbarton Get-Together was a success. Jill the village historian came as well as Sue who had just moved to the village. It was a great combination and together with Malcolm our ABCD champion and Ollie from the South Norfolk CCG, we has a really good time talking about the village and asset-mapping all its resources. We discovered that because of new housing developments, the village has got longer and longer and lost its centre. The key thing people want is a cafe so we are planning an ABCD Tea Party in September to bring more people into the project and see if we can help make it happen.  In the old days, whenever anyone moved into Mulbarton someone would visit them and give them a Welcome Book and a jar of honey or bottle of apple juice. That tradition got lost when the village expanded really quickly. The group decided to get together to update the Welcome Book. Jill is the editor of the Parish newsletter so she’s going to get a piece in it about the ABCD Project in the autumn edition.

Mulbarton ABCD Get-Together