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Sabrina and debra

We met Debra Lawrence-Bell at Norfolk County Council yesterday. We showed her our map of the South Norfolk CCG area and all the things that people say keep them well where they live. She told us about the the Norfolk Directory which sounds like a really good place for people to record their community assets – all the clubs, associations and things they love. Debra explains…..

The Norfolk Directory is a useful tool to find specific clubs, groups and services from all around Norfolk. The search results can be narrowed to 1,5, or 10 miles of your postcode or widened to the whole of Norfolk.

There is a What’s on feature to allow you to go to a specific day to see what’s on in your area.
There are many ways that the directory can be used:

  • To look up clubs etc for yourself or service users and shortlist for future reference, print out or email.
  • To register a group/club/service.
  • To look to see what is available in an area already before setting up another group/club, to prevent duplication.
  • To see where there are gaps in areas for a particular group/club and set one up.
  • To give feedback on a club/service through rate and review.

To register for a record on the directory use the link to this page:

All records and feedback is monitored by the web team at Norfolk County Council.

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