Showcase Success!

We had such a fabulous time at the ABCD Showcase and Equality Soup on 14th April. Up to 100 people took part in the event, some coming for talks, some coming for soup.  We had lots of activities, for example Eloise got people having a go at graphic reporting and Paul got people to try making documents easy read. We met some great people – we particularly loved the Bacon Roll Club, a group of widowers who travel round the county trying out bacon rolls in cafes. They like Rosy Lee’s the best – of course! People told stories about the project and what it had meant to them. Our favourite story came from Mick from Together … a woman from their Peer Support Group hadn’t travelled on public transport for years, it made her too anxious. She decided she would make her own way to our Winter Wellbeing Festival in Attleborough and caught the bus. She had a brilliant time at the festival and since then has been using the bus to travel everywhere. She even caught the bus to get to Loddon for the Showcase and had lunch at Rosy Lee’s. When we spoke to her afterwards she said what she loved about the ABCD Project was that it was “real”.

ABCD Showcase

Thanks to Mark Comish from Cantaria for the photos below.

ABCD debs kitchenABCD sarina serving ABCD Caroline talking librarian ABCD singing