3artCreativity was at the heart of the ABCD Project and we were lucky to work with a range of talented local artists.

We commissioned international artist Eloise O’Hare to be our graphic reporter on the project. This meant she drew pictures at meetings and events so we had a visual record of what we talked about.  This made the information easier to understand and nice to look at. It helped people to engage more in the meetings as they could see the pictures Eloise was drawing. We also asked people to talk to Eloise direct and tell her about the things that they thought were important to record.

eloise cartoon

We worked with graphic designer Allison Bradnock to design a logo and help us to create a wonderful map of all the assets we discovered. We are very inspired by “The Norfolk Map” that Allison designed with her family. We particularly love the tea-towel version!

Alison's Norfolk map

We were delighted to work with Vicky and Jo from Print to the People. They printed all our tshirts and aprons and ran a poster-making workshop for us. They also came to the Winter Wellbeing festival to give people the opportunity to try screenprinting for themselves.

Print ot the people

We loved having Norwich Mind’s The Bigger Picture Project at the Winter Wellbeing Festival. They worked with people to create animated pledges. Look at these beautiful animations about mental health.

Our Project Coordinator Shelly Telly is a community filmmaker and took photos and film to record the project process. Shell has an Action Crew of people who work for her. Sabrina’s first job welcoming people at events and helping them to make name badges. We discovered that Sabrina was a talented crafts-person and she went on to make keyrings, bags, bunting and hot water bottles for us.

 action crewsabrina







We used first names as much as possible on the ABCD Project to try to avoid labelling people as professionals and service users. The best way for ABCD to work is for everyone to be themselves – and get creative!

take off professional self