We’ve collected loads of lovely feedback about the ABCD Project and the Winter Wellbeing Festival. Here’s a small selection….

“I am so glad that I became part of the ABCD Project. Everyone came together, so many people with such good will, wanting to do more. It shows that we can be a community with a heart and be there for one another. A lot of people don’t know what support is out there. I have the ABCD map up in the cafe and look at it every day and see something new.”

Caroline Dwen, Rosy Lee’s Tea Room, Loddon

“I loved working on the ABCD Project. It was really interesting hearing about the sorts of things people said kept them well. A lot of the things were simple things like walking or chatting with friends, connecting with people at the local shop or café. I have particularly enjoyed finding out about the little things that make up a community that people might not know are there. As a person with learning difficulties and mental health issues, it has given me a huge boost of confidence to be a part of the project. During the end part of last year I went through a very difficult time. I shut myself away from a lot of other bits I do but I kept going with the ABCD work because it helped me to get out of my four walls for a little while and it kept me going. I hope to continue building on my confidence and realise that I am a person and one who has skills that I can use.”

Sabrina Bartram, ABCD Crew

“I was involved with the ABCD Project after applying for a We Can award. I got the award to run a project in my village giving isolated members of our community parcels of wellbeing activities, nice treats and information of the many things happening in Hethersett. During my research, finding out about Hethersett, I learned so much about my community and the people in it. I made new contacts and friends, gained a new appreciation for the volunteers, businesses and organisations in the village and realised how strong the sense of community here really is. While I was filling the parcels with activities, gifts, treats and information there were local businesses that donated all sorts of things to help the cause. Our Tesco Express even gave us refreshments for our advertising event and some more for the ABCD festival. It was a great feeling to have companies like Tesco and Boots donate and support a small community project and really showed me how many people care about the place they live and work in. Some people said that they were really thrilled to have a way to get involved, as they always wanted to help their community but never knew how. The project was great for me too. I spoke to so many people who were interested in what I was doing, some who applied for parcels, some who just wanted to say that people they know would have loved to have a parcel and be shown by their communities that they are noticed and valued. Some parcels went to people who applied for one, some went to a dementia support group in the village and others to the sheltered housing building in Hethersett, for people who live alone or are new to the village and wanted to know what is on offer here. The ABCD Project has highlighted many things to me. The importance of community, the effectiveness of ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get’, the giving nature of people and companies and how grateful, appreciative and loved a small act of kindness can make someone feel, just to name a few. ABCD have made a difference to me and my community, gave me an chance to give something back and was run by an amazing group of people who were fun and a pleasure to work with!”

Willow Farrell, We Can Award Winner

“It’s rare you get a project that achieves that delicate balance of the theoretical and the practical. The ABCD Project has done that – made space for people to think about what ABCD means and brought communities together to make it happen.”

Cormac Russell, Nurture Development

‘It was a feel-good project that made us all feel great.”

Michelle Savage, ABCD Project Coordinator

“What can I say? It’s been tiring, fun and inspiring and humbling. I’ve loved every minute!”

Lynn Arnold, Norfolk County Council

“Thank-you so much for such a wonderfully positive, helpful , enriching and supportive day”

Abie Raynsford

“Can we have a smilier project for North Norfolk please?”


“It’s been one of the best events I’ve been to – well done organisers!! Would like it to be a yearly event.”

Tammy Youngs

“Dynamic, energetic, full of laughter and hope for the future. Shell and the team were inspiring and fostered an inclusive and welcoming environment in which everyone felt valued for who they were (focus on strengths not deficits). The atmosphere was electric at times, in particular during the dancing and the singing. There was an excellent mix of activities on offer and organisations represented at the event. It was revelatory in exposing the scale and diversity of community assets. I have no doubt that this event will have touched the lives of those who attended and make a lasting impression. We all need to work together to secure the legacy of this project. “

Kevin Vaughan, CAP (Carers Agency Partnership)

“This was such a fun day – thank-you. Noise, hustle and bustle – singing, dancing, poetry, food and good company. We can;t even count the number of connections made. Congratulations to all the ABCD team and and everyone who got on board.”

Kate Jones,  Opening Doors

“What a brilliant day and evening. So good to connect with the outside world.”

Hayley Burwood, Poet

“I am still buzzing after the amazing day I had at the South Norfolk Winter Festival. You excelled – it was beyond my expectations. So much energy in the room. I spoke to several people – an elderly man – retired pig farmer who lived in the village and heard about the festival on local radio that morning. He was having a great day watching what was going on and enjoying the company. He particularly enjoyed the puppet show which brought back memories of Punch and Judy on Cromer beach. We reminisced about childhood holidays. I met some great people in the singing group. One lady who lit up like a 1,000 watt light bulb when she led the group, told us that she has seasonal affective disorder and very limited energy each day. The singing must have given her a charge because she uplifted everyone around her and we told her so. Another lady with a learning disability was enjoying herself so much she had decided to stay for the evening entertainment and arranged a lift home from some new friends she met at the festival. I only spoke to a handful of people but I am sure that there were many stories of people who might otherwise be excluded having a great day, meeting new people and trying out new activities. If this reflects a fraction of what you have been achieving in communities then you should be very proud of yourselves. I am proud of you and privileged to have played a small part.”

Deborah Klée, Vintage Communities

“Really well run with loads of people from every walk of life. Events kept everyone involved and amused. Volunteers worked hard and made everyone feel welcome. There was a lot of interest in our Black Dog Music Project and several appointments made. Altogether a worthwhile event – thanks ABCD.”

Colin, Black Dog Music Project

“I waited a long time for a  project like this to come about and now I’m happy.”


“Great event. Met lots of interesting people with great attitudes. Very inspiring listening to people and hearing their passion about helping the community and building better relationships. Would love to go to more events like this one. “

Nick R

“Great people and great project!”

Sue Anderson, Compassionate Therapy Services

“What a fantastic day!!! We’re just home after taking a Scottish lady home , we found the farm and saw her safely in! Looking forward to the evaluation meeting as it MUST be all positive.”

Roz, Sing Your Heart Out

The ABCD project based in South Norfolk was a fantastic project which helped many including professionals map out what was available in the community. The idea of asking local people opinions and getting those engaged in the project was great. It has certainly left a legacy in South Norfolk and something that we can build upon. The team involved were all inspiring and a credit to the local community. What a fabulous project which will be sadly missed. The Wellbeing Service was grateful for the opportunity to get involved and take part at the ABCD Winter Wellbeing Festival. We hope that this has helped locals find out more our work.

Emma Morrow, Wellbeing Service