Here it is! Artist Allison Bradnock did a wonderful job creating our map of what keeps us well in the South Norfolk CCG area. We gave out A3 maps at the Winter Wellbeing Festival and people  printed it onto tshirts and bags with Print to the People. We even made a jigsaw of it that people could do with Debs at the Norfolk Directory Information Desk. Debs is hoping to persuade every group that’s on the map to upload their details to the Norfolk Directory so the information is  “live” and accessible.

We created a “Pub Quiz” round about the map for the ABCD Showcase event. You can downloads it here: ABCD Pub Quiz
Lovely colourful map filled with text about what keeps people well

Here’s how we did our asset-mapping

We printed a giant map onto a 6ft x 3ft banner and we took it to loads of events like the Wayland Agricultural Show, Mulbarton Fireworks, Diss Christmas Lights Switch-On. We invited people to find their town or village on the map and tell us what keeps them well where they live.

Map Banner2 ABCD

We also worked with people to asset-map their towns and villages. We had a lot of fun asset-mapping Attleborough on our training day with Deborah and had a really good get-together with people in Mulbarton. It was brilliant having Jill, the village historian with us. We talked about all the things going on in the village and wrote them on post-it notes and stuck them on the map.

We know “there’s no point asset-mapping without asset-mobilising” so we also looked at the things people want to see happen. In Mulbarton we discovered there was a tradition of people visiting everyone who moved into the village to say hello and give them a Welcome Book and a jar of honey or bottle of apple juice. That stopped when the new estates were built and too many people moved in at the same time. As a result of our ABCD Get-together a small group formed to update the Welcome Book. They are also exploring ways to get a cafe in the village.

Jill and Malcom low res

Click the links below to download notes from our get-togethers.

ABCD Asset-mapping Mulbarton

ABCD Asset-mapping Attleborough