We Can Awards

amanda-opening-doorsWe wanted to inspire people to promote wellbeing where they lived so we decided to give out eight £250 We Can Wellbeing Awards to people who came up with innovative ideas to create caring, connected communities. We made our application process really simple and visual. We know that lots of people get freaked out by forms, particularly if they are feeling vulnerable. We arranged for Lynn Arnold from the Community Team at County Hall to support all our winners. One of the things we asked people to do was to showcase what they had done at the Winter Wellbeing Festival. Here are our winners…

1. Nick spearheaded a total school approach to mental health at Dereham Neatherd High School where he works. He used his award to have a community mental health event that he invited parents to come to. Nick ran a workshop on schools and mental health at the festival.


2. Sue used her award to run a hugely popular “compassionate mind” workshop in Costessey. She gave people a taste of compassionate mind therapy at the festival. Paul McCluskey, our Easy Read Reporter, wrote up a report of the day, which you can read here: Compassionate Minds Workshop Report 28 January 2016

3. Colin from the Eureka Wellbeing Photography Group wanted to have Wonder Wanders across the South Norfolk CCG area. They had 3 Wonder Wanders around Attleborough at the festival.

eureka with their cheque

4. Corinne from Leaping Hare won an award to arrange heritage walks in Thetford. Mike Wabe is one of her volunteers. He is the Thetford Town Crier and was absolutely WONDERFUL at the festival – did announcement throughout the event and was VERY photogenic.


5. Amanda and her friends at Diss Advocacy Group are a group of people with learning disabilities who speak up for themselves. They used their money to create an Easy Read Map of What Keeps Us Well in Diss. They had a Treasure Map activity on their stall at the festival.


6. Caroline runs Puppet Works and they used their money to create a puppet show about well-being that they can take into schools. They were making puppets with people all day and had a puppet show.


7. Sarina and Caroline organise Equality Soup at Rosy Lees Tea Rooms in Loddon. Once a month they provide free soup for all. They provided soup for our community supper at the festival.

Rosy Lee

8. Willow created a project called Pass-a-Parcel where she approached local businesses in Hethersett to donate goods to create well-being parcels. She asks people to nominate neighbours who needed a little TLC (tender loving care) and they were invited to collect a parcel from the library. She showed off examples of the parcels on her stall at the festival.